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what is the WIDE INSURANCE?

It is a set of the following insurances : third party liability, health insurance , theft protection , legal assistance , and in case of any incident , the client only has the máximum responsability of the 10% of the value of the car

What does the WIDE INSURANCE covers?

  • Theft
  • Total Loss
  • Damages over the 10% of the value of the car

What is NOT covered by the WIDE INSURANCE?

This coverage does not cover :

  • Loss of the key and plates of the vehicle
  • Loss of tires
  • Loss of hub caps
  • Traffic tickets or towing services caused by an accident due to negligence of the customer
  • In which case the WIDE INSURANCE doesn't applies?

    The insurance invalidates for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs , and damage caused by driving on rough roads ( sand, dirt , mud , and any none asphalted road), and in the case of a person not registered in the contract uses the car.